We Are A Real Estate Investing and Consulting Company. Our company has different divisions that can help you or your clients. Our acquisitions division buys, sells, and rents homes, multifamily properties, vacation homes, land and commercial buildings. In that instance, we will not necessarily be acting as your real estate agent or broker. Our real estate brokerage division can help those who may or may not want to sell to an investor, but may want other options- specifically we help distressed or tired property owners find solutions that are best suiteed to them. Our primary focus is to work with real estate investors and to provide them with brokerage, and consulting services. Our property management division provides services to investors who want the peace of mind of having a professional investor just like them managing their investment property. Our affiliated company, Syndicated Real Estate Investment Group, LLC, our finance division has resources available and a network of people and entities that may be able to help investors finance your next real estate project. Our legal division provides legal services and counseling regarding entity selection, employment contracts, contractor agreements, land development, commercial construction, leasing, real property transactions and deal structuring, estate and succession planning, as well and most importantly asset protection strategies. We also work with accountants and CPA's to help with providing tax structures that benefit you as well as other financial professionals that can help you manage your business and finances.


As a real estate investment and consulting group we may buy your property, sell you a property, or rent you a property, or help you finance an investment property for short term projects. We may also involve other investors and broker those sales to those with specific niche in real estate to provide the best benefit to you.  We are excited to potentially work with you directly OR with your agent, if you are represented by an agent or broker or attorney. Our goal is to provide real solutions.  We are focused on helping to improve neighborhoods and redevelop areas that we work in nationwide. Our local focus is Tampa Bay, Jacksonville, The Villages, Ocala, Orlando and the surrounding areas but we do provide services in other areas of Florida.

Our Real Estate Brokerage, Syndicated Realty & Development Group, Inc., is ready to help both Sellers and Buyers with their real estate transactions.  We help distressed sellers and investors of both residential and commercial real estate.  A a seller may choose to list with us regardless as we have access to list properties throughout Florida on the MLS.  We can also counsel on creative ways to create wealth for Sellers that traditional brokerages cannot provide, and that gives Sellers the opportunity to NET MORE MONEY on their sale.  We can give options such as seller financing, and selling privately held notes to investors.

Our goal working with Real Estate Investors is to help them find, analyze and structure real estate acquisitions, developments, and sales. We work with them to ensure they are analyzing their potential investment, and exit strategies and provide options to them.  Some investors focus on vacation rentals and we can assist in helping them with determine best areas to invest, help them find properties to invest in. Further, we helpall investors including commercial investors determine the highest and best use of a potential investment.  Our goal is to help them create great returns and long term wealth through an educated investment and mutiple investment strategies.


Our affiliated law firm provides legal counsel to investors and others seeking real estate, corporate and estate planning services. Our focus is to help you obtain and protect your assets to build wealth and security.  This includes structuring businesses and real estate transactions.  Our services also focus on working with and educating other investors, and we are contracted with one of the most successful Investor Education Companies in the nation where we refer them to for additional support and education. We provide investors and potential investors opportunities to attend webinars (including tax and legal webinars), real home tours, and real estate education intensives so they can build knowledge and relationships.

Our purpose is to help others as we invest in the lives of our clients. Dedicated to the extraordinary. The exceptional. We work as a team with other professionals and other investors to provide you with an all-encompassing innovative solution for your real estate investing needs. If you have additional questions please do not hesitate to contact us. 

***Our law firm can provide ancillary services for real estate, estate planning and corporate services. 

***Our Realty Brokerage can provide property valuations for you and list your property-contact us for more information.















As a real estate investor I began the traditional route with having a real estate license and buying personal real estate investments for passive income and long term wealth. Law firm clients we represented were retiring but not able to make ends meet after a few years of retirement. Real estate agents, attorneys, and others in the field live day to day focusing on one transaction or hourly wage. With the adoption of young children I saw a need to spend quality time but still wanted to build long term wealth-real estate has been the vehicle for most of the clients we represent and it has been for most of the wealthy throughout the country. The problem with that pursuit is being able to have the right education, resources, and a supportive community. From there we decided to join a nationwide community that provides a multitude of resources, including a diverse community of highly educated investors and an education program that can help others also.

Affiliate Real Estate Investors/Consultants


Phone: 123-456-7890


Phone: 123-456-7890